Quick Fixes for Burst Water Pipe

A burst pipe is a plumbing emergency that nobody wants to have to deal with. When water is gushing out of a broken pipe, it can quickly flood the area and cause significant damage to various features there. If you are dealing with a water pipe burst, you would need the services of an emergency plumber. 

We at Willow & Co Plumbing are one of the most reputable companies in this industry. Over the years, we have provided high-quality prompt and efficient services to both commercial and residential clients throughout the region. While we are just a phone call away and can handle all your urgent plumbing requests, we also like to provide our clients with tips to handle different types of plumbing issues. 

Signs of Burst Pipes

One of the first things is to be aware of the signs of a burst pipe. Sometimes, the pipe burst may be behind a wall and out of sight, which means you would not know that it has occurred. However, there are certain signs, which indicate that you might have a water pipe burst, such as:

  • Low water pressure
  • Damp spots on the wall
  • Constant water pooling in certain areas
  • Sinkholes in the yard
  • Dipping sounds behind a wall
  • Whispering, bubbling, or whistling sound from the pipes even when you aren’t using any water
  • High water bills are another sign of a burst pipe. If you find that you are paying excessively high bills even without any change in the water use in your household, a leakage is potentially the cause of this. When you have a burst pipe, it means that the water is still running and not only through the faucets in your home. 

Fixing Burst Pipes 

As mentioned at the outset, a burst pipe is an emergency and not something you can ignore. If you have noticed the signs of leakage and suspect that you have a burst pipe, follow these steps:

  • One of the first things to do is to turn off the water mains on your property. This will prevent flooding and the issue from worsening.
  • Always keep the number of a local 24/7 emergency plumber handy so that you do not have to scramble in case you need urgent assistance.
  • Never try any DIY fixes as that can only result in more issues. Most pipes are hidden behind walls or under the ground, and getting to them can be quite complicated. Skilled professionals have the tools and training to identify where the problem lies before they provide a fix. 
  • Once you have contacted the plumber and know that they are on the way, try to clear up as much of the water as possible using a mop and bucket. 
  • If there is any furniture in that area, move it aside as well while you wait for the plumber to show up.

For any more information about our burst water pipe services, feel free to call Willow & Co Plumbing at (03) 8582 2019. You can also send us your requests through this Online Form, and one of our team members will contact you shortly.

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