4 Reasons To Choose A Solar Hot Water System

Like most parts of Australia, electricity prices in Melbourne continue to rise with each passing year. In most households, hot water accounts for approximately 25% of a home’s energy usage, which sets it right after heating, cooling, and appliances. 

While you would not want to compromise on the amount of hot water that you use in your household,  it is always good to have a more energy-efficient and cost-efficient option. This is where a solar hot water system comes into the picture. 

Reasons Why a Solar Hot Water System Is a Great Option

We at Willow & Co Plumbing are highly skilled, experienced operators, and provide high-grade solar hot water system installations. Here are four reasons to choose water heaters that operate on solar power:

  1. Cost-EfficientSolar hot water systems can significantly reduce the total amount of energy that you use for heating water on your property. It will save you a large amount of money within a few years of installation, depending on the type of hot water system you purchase. The average solar radiation in Australia is the highest across the globe, making solar energy systems efficient both in power and cost compared to anywhere in the world.

    When you take full advantage of this aspect, you can cut down on your hot water expenses by 80%.  The Australian government provides solar power rebates, which is a significant incentive.  It means that you can lower your energy costs as well as your environmental footprint.
  2. Stable Energy Source – A hot water system has a highly energy-intensive process, which accounts for almost 25% of your homes energy usage. Also, the monthly energy cost in your home can be quite unpredictable, and your power bills can increase suddenly due to various reasons. When you opt for a solar hot water system, it gives you a stable alternative to units that operate on electricity or gas.
  3. Reliable Hot Water Supply – Sometimes you might use more hot water than your solar heater provides. In this case, you can still use energy from your utility provider to make up for the difference. No matter what, you will still have hot water on tap whenever you need it, but would be using a renewable energy source. 
  4. Increase Property Value – Studies indicate that properties that have solar water heaters, as well as other solar-operated systems, have a higher resale value compared to ones without. It means that when you install a hot water system that functions on solar energy, it provides an excellent return on investment.  Whether you continue to stay on the property or decide to sell it, this installation will provide you with good value over the years.

For any more information about how we can help with solar hot water system installations, feel free to call Willow & Co Plumbing at (03) 8582 2019. You can also send us your requests through this Online Form, and one of our team members will contact you shortly.

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