Pipe Relining vs Traditional Pipe Replacement

With new technology such as pipe relining, traditional pipe replacement is becoming obsolete.  The main reason for this is that pipe relining offers numerous benefits over traditional pipe replacement such as no digging and short completion time.

Where Traditional Plumbing Falls Short

Below are some reasons why traditional plumbing is becoming obsolete:


Trenching & Post Replacement Repairs

In order to remove and replace pipes, traditional pipe replacement involves trenching along the entire length of your plumbing system.  This also creates the need to do landscaping and re-paving once the job is complete.


Slow and Long Process

Since major plumbing work requires approval, this increases the amount of time before work can begin.  The average wait time for approval is 20 days. This means that you may go months without your plumbing working properly before it can be fully repaired.



In order to complete a traditional pipe replacement job, you need to factor in the cost of equipment rental, labor, approvals and restoration.  These costs can add up.



Any responsible contractor will always adhere to proper safety measures.  However, there is always the risk of injury when working with heavy equipment and excavation, especially when this work is done in areas that the public usually has access to.


Trenchless Pipe Relining is the Superior Method

Pipe relining is a much better option than traditional pipe replacement for the following reasons:

  • No Digging Required

Pipe relining is a process that can be completed from a single access point, which means no digging or trenching.

  • 35 Year Guarantee

Our epoxy resin pipes come with a 35 year guarantee and are resistant against root infestation and watertight.

  • 4 Times Stronger Than PVC

The epoxy resin pipes that are used by the Brawoliner pipe relining system are up to 4 times stronger than traditional PVC pipes.  This means that pipe relining is a suitable replacement for any type of plumbing.

How Willow & Co. Plumbing Solves Any Blockage With Our Step By Step Process

The experts at Willow & Co. Plumbing will go through a process to ensure your blockage issues are gone for good.  Here is our step by step procedure:

CCTV Drain Inspection


By incorporating our CCTV technology, we can inspect your plumbing from the surface.  We are able to see any blockage on our monitor to ensure that the problem is correctly identified.

High Pressure Jet Blasting


Our next step is using high pressure water to blast any blockage or debris stuck to your pipes.  This 5000 PSI system is potentially dangerous and should only be used by professionals. All of our technicians are trained and have experience using this tool.

Pipe Relining


Once all debris and blockages are cleared from your pipes, the pipe relining process can begin.  We insert new epoxy resin pipes inside your old ones. This can be done from a single access point and guarantees against further cracking or tree root intrusion in the future.

Dig Up Repairs Are A Thing of the Past

The major benefit of pipe relining is that it can be done from a single access point.  Here are some of the advantages:

Reduced Time

Most pipe relining can be completed within a single day.  This includes the curing time for the relined pipes. In traditional pipe replacement, the trenching alone can take days or weeks.

No Disruptions

CCTV inspection, hydro jet cleaning and pipe relining can all be completed from a single access point. This means that you don’t have to worry about workers coming in and out of your home.


Since pipe relining can be completed from a single access point, this eliminates the cost of equipment rental and post work restoration. It also drastically reduces labor costs.

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