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Can You Use Pipe Relining in Your Home?

Plumbing problems at home can hit you where it hurts—in your bank account and your personal space.  If you have a family, you’ll soon be hearing the complaints about musty and funky smells and wet feet.  Whether it’s a townhouse, a flat, or an unattached home, you need a quick and effective solution.

Willow & Co. Plumbing Relining offers a 21st century answer to your plumbing and drainage problems.  Some people may be thinking that they still have tear down walls or dig up the garden to find and replace leaky or blocked pipes.  That’s no longer the case. Pipe relining is a state-of-the-art process that requires only a single entry point. This means that you’ll save yourself the hassle of dealing with costly repairs and heavy equipment rental.  In many cases, we can complete the domestic plumbing repairs in a single day.

This is no temporary fix, either.  Brawoliner relining is tough and durable, and it comes with a 35 year guarantee.  It is up to 4 times the strength of common PVC pipe, meaning that your pipes may end up in better-than-new condition.  Our workmanship comes with a lifetime guarantee, which makes Willow & Co. Plumbing Relining the best name in residential plumbing contractors in the Melbourne region.  Our home plumbing service can be the solution you need, when you need it. Willow & Co. Plumbing Relining offers an efficient, permanent solution. You may be only 1 day away from the whole mess being a memory.

Quick Information for Residential Plumbing Customers

  • Cost Effective

Less time and no extra equipment add up to better value over conventional plumbing.

  • Budget-Conscious

Our certified plumbers know the full range of options, and work with you to fit your needs and limitations.

  • Ready Response

If it’s very urgent, we can respond immediately to calls with our trucks already stocked with all the necessary parts and tools.

  • One Point of Entry

Your home doesn’t have to turn into a massive construction site.  One point of entry will suffice.

  • 35-Year Guarantee

Visit our terms and conditions page to learn more about our 35-year Guarantee on materials.

  • Privacy

No more servicemen walking all over your home.  We can stay in one area, and leave you and your family undisturbed.

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Clear the pipe from any blockages using a jet blaster


Insert CCTV camera to inspect the pipe


Insert the patch into the affected pipe


Reline and wait a couple of hours. Work complete!

Pipe Relining Benefits


No Digging Required


4x Stronger Than PVC


35-Year Guarantee

Residential Plumbing and Pipe Relining For All Home Types

Homes come in many different shapes and sizes.  Regardless of your residence type, we are ready to help you with your home, domestic, or residential pipe relining job.

  • Duplex
  • Granny Flat
  • Apartment Unit
  • Detached house
  • Condominium
  • Townhouse

Interested in discussing a Residential Relining Job further? We are Melbourne’s Leaders in Drainage Solutions

Our team of experienced, licensed and certified plumbers have the expertise to solve your residential plumbing problems.  Whatever the pipe, drain or sewer line repair, we take pride in our work as your residential plumbing contractors.

Need a booking? A quote? Or just a question?

We’d love to hear from you.  Call to speak (03) 8582 2019 directly with a member of our staff regarding any plumbing inquiries or issues you may have.  We can offer you more information, advice, and if needed, a quote for your repair.

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What gives us competitive advantages that you can rely on?

  • Fully licensed & experienced plumbers
  • Upfront pricing (quote given to be approved before work proceeds)
  • 24/7 available plumbing services
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee on all projects conducted by our plumbers
  • Lowest prices & best results all year round
  • Friendly plumbers with lots of respect for our clients
  • At your door on the same day
  • In operation every day without stop

We specialise in relining your pipes in these areas:

Choose Willow & Co. for ALL your plumbing needs

Various Plumbing Faults?
  • Kitchen Sinks
  • Bathrooms
  • Water Leaks
  • And Many More!
Blocked drains frustration?
  • Blocked Toilet
  • Tree Root in Drains
  • Sewer Blockage
  • Overflowing Drain
no hot water at your place?
  • New Hot Water System
  • Hot Water Repair
  • Hot Water Installation
  • Hot Water Emergencies
severe burst pipe issues?
  • 24/7 Plumbing
  • Fast Response
  • Guaranteed Solutions
  • Upfront Prices

A Full Range of Pipe Relining Solutions for a Full Range of Customers

If you’re a corporate executive, a public official, a homeowner on a budget, or anything in between, our expert staff will guide you to a solution that best fits your needs and limitations. Willow & Co. Plumbing Relining offers you the fast and effective solutions to fit your needs.  Contact us with any questions or comments, and we will gladly assist you.













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Looking For Other Types of Plumbing and Drain Services?

Willow & Co. Plumbing provides a variety of plumbing services to its customers.  Along with our advanced Brawoliner relining technology, we offer Hydro-Jet cleaning of pipes to clear all manner of debris.  Our professional staff has the equipment, training and experience to offer you the best choice of pipe rehabilitation plans to fit your timeline and budget.  CCTV pipe surveys are just one more way that we can make sure we do the job the right way the first time.

Hydro Jet Drain Cleaning


CCTV Drain Inspection


Get in touch with us and speak with the experts directly!